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Job Description
The Opportunity

We are currently looking for a Housekeeper to join our team at our property.

As a Housekeeper you will be responsible for giving exceptional customer service to all guests, working closely with the Front Office department to collaborate on guest rooms and their needs as well as performing and maintaining detailed and thorough cleaning inside and outside of guest rooms.


Job Responsibilities

Key responsibilities of a Housekeeper include (But are not limited to):

  • Cleaning assigned guestrooms in accordance with company standards (changing bed linen, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, etc.)
  • Replenishing amenities and supplies in assigned guestrooms
  • Stocking and maintaining Housekeeping cart
  • Reporting maintenance issues to Supervisor immediately
  • Greeting guests in hallways in a pleasant and friendly manner
  • Transports trash and waste to disposal area.
  • Turns in all Lost & Found items, tags, and stores them as directed by management.
  • Performing other duties and tasks as assigned or authorized by the direct supervisor or General Manager


Job Requirements

The ideal Housekeeper candidate will be detail oriented, have a passion for delivering excellent customer service, and enjoy working in a fast paced environment. The minimum qualifications for this position are:

  • Prior Housekeeping experience preferred, but not necessary
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to scrub and scour surfaces, extending arms over head to perform cleaning tasks, and work in confined spaces
  • Ability to follow instructions, directions, and meet deadlines, including the thorough cleaning of minimum number of rooms assigned
  • Basic ability to comprehend English language sufficient to understand information such as labels, instructions, and basic requests
  • The ability to stand, walk, and move around during the entire shift
  • Ability to perform frequent and repetitive movements, including bending and stooping
  • Must be able to lift, push, and pull a moderate weight frequently
  • Ability to handle, carry and/or lift items weighing up to 50 pounds
  • Ability to perform job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy
  • Must be willing and have the ability to work a varied schedule that may include early mornings, evenings, nights, weekend shifts, and Holidays


Tacoma Creek is an Equal Opportunity Employer


Who is Tacoma Creek Hospitality?

We are a hospitality management company that Joe McCurdy (President and founder of Tacoma Creek Hospitality) created around the first of this year (2018). We are a small, young, and hungry company, in which we would be delighted to see you and our employees grow with us. In fact, helping each of our employees develop, grow, and prosper are the only reasons why Tacoma Creek is in business.

The story of why Joe McCurdy wants Tacoma Creek to thrive, succeed and help others grow:

Our President started his first hotel job 26 years ago when he was 17. He was in a bit of a rough point within his life. His friend put in a good word for him at a hotel and needless to say he landed the job. He depended on this job so rode his bike to and from his job at the hotel every day.

His first boss was tough. Every time Joe made a mistake he would be sure to tell him, but he would also take a lot of time to teach him how to do it better and encourage him to keep trying new things. Joe once asked his first boss "why do you spend so much time teaching and helping me even though I mess things up so often"? His boss smiled and said "I want to get promoted, and I have to train my team to replace me". Joe did not understand or know what he meant by this at the time, and definitely did not think that he could replace his boss.

6 months later his boss got promoted and he gained a different boss. His next boss also earned his promotion (into his first bosses position) by training his previous team very well. He spent more time training and teaching Joe and even helped Joe get promoted several times, which is when he finally landed his first leadership job.

To make a long story short Joe finally learned why his first two bosses had been so helpful. He learned that the whole company was dedicated to teaching, mentoring, and promoting people. Everyone from the president on down believed it was their job to "Train their team to replace them". Joe owes his career to his first Hospitality Job and then some to that company's mission to build up their people.

Six years after he started with the company the president decided to sell his company. Sadly, that old hotel company has been bought and sold a few more times since then, and it isn't even a shadow of what it once was. The truth is, there aren't really any hotel companies like it anymore. Most hotel companies have forgotten how to build up their teams. So when Joe was given an opportunity to start his own hotel company, he decided the only way he would do it is if he could recreate something like the culture of that old company - and he is dedicated to building a company that rewards people who want to learn, a company that takes an active interest in helping improve the careers and lives of our teammates. Every member of our leadership team will be required to focus on teaching, coaching, and mentoring each of you.

Ask yourself this, How cool would it be if someday you replaced Joe as President? Well that is exactly what we at Tacoma Creek are going to try and do. We will promise to dedicate our time to build up employees that are willing to put forth effort to grow as a professional, individual, and as a team!

Are you ready to take on your future? If you are interested in joining our culture and our team and taking huge strides towards your future and your personal, and professional growth, then Tacoma Creek Hospitality is right for you!

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